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I month=€30; 3 months = € 80; 6 months = € 150; 1 year = € 250

Save As Writers Competition 2024

Theme: Risking All

Poetry: max 60 lines

Stories: max 3,500 words

Deadline: 31st August 2024

Fees: poems £4 or £10 x 3

Stories: £5, or £12 for 3

Gary Bills  Bizarre Fables51j+ALtEndL._SX342_SY445_.jpg

Herein lies magic. These delightful fables, sprung from the dreams and the vision of an artist, Heather E Geddes, communing with a poet, the writer Gary Bills, will enchant with tales of earth at the beginning of time, of the wandering dead and the whispering ones, of deserts and moon and much else besides. These stories rich in colour, nant with ancient archetypes, deep in signince, are tales that linger in the mind long after this book is reluctantly put down. BUY HERE

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