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Haiku Competition 2023 

judged by Kevin Bailey, editor HQ Poetry Magazine

Winner: Derek Sellen, Canterbury, who receives €100 and a designer bowl.

2nd: David Jacobs (2 haiku)   3rd: Ciarán Parkes (2 haiku))   4th: Mary Gilonne (1 haiku)

Shortlisted: Anne Stewart (3 haiku) - Nick Foster; Matt Osmond (2 haiku); Sandra Noel; Glen Wilson.

HC: senryu by Annie Wilson & Benjamin Michaels

Longlisted, from which the shortlisted were chosen (the number in brackets refers to the number of their haiku in the listing below), in random order:

Bengt O Björklund - Patrick Osada – Derek Sellen - Alessio Zanelli – David Jacobs (2) - Noel King – Nick Foster - Liz Houchin - Juliet Wilson - Mary Gilonne (3) - Matt Osmond (2) - Sandra Noel - Annie Wilson (2) - Lizzie Smith - Florence Jacquemin-Véber  -  Caroline Carver (2) - Glen Wilson - Gwyneth Box - Hilary Elfick - Simon Kaeppelli - Andrew Pelham Burn - Benjamin Michaels  - Ria Collins - Anne Stewart (4) - Ciarán Parkes (2)

Read these haiku and judge’s report in HQ Poetry Magazine single copies and subscriptions available, contact contact Kevin Bailey: hqbailey   @ (close gaps)


19th International Competition  CLOSED 

(To read winning poems 2019 (and 2018), click here)


SILVER WYVERN - Results 2019 - Adjudicator: Paul Henry


Silver Wyvern + 500 euro  1st prize:     ‘Rower, Battersea Lake’ by Helena Goddard, Tewkesbury

2nd prize - 200 euro :    ‘Dead in the Water’ by Graham Burchell, Devon

Highly commended: 

‘Hautdesert Terminus’ by Oz Hardwick, York

‘Cornering the French Horn’ by Roger Elkin, Biddulph Moor

‘Chocolate Waltz’ by Alex de Verteuil, Tobago, Trinidad and Tobago

‘Balance’ by Michael Swan, Oxford


Shortlisted poems: 

‘Was that you?’ by Bridget Frost, Limekilns,  ‘Vernal Equinox’ by Patrick Lodge, Yorks

‘Of Fire and Water’ by Mary Gilonne, Pourrières, France

‘Muscovy Ducks’ by Virginia Griem. Kinsteignton

‘Au Moulin de la Galette’ by Derek Sellen, Canterbury

‘At the Chapel of Apparitions’ by Olivia Dawson, Sintra, Portugal

FORMAL CATEGORY - adjudicator Kevin Bailey

Winner - 100 euro : What will survive of us by Ian Royce Chamberlain, Teignmouth

Highly Commended: When the trees were still dangerous by Paul Nash, Dublin

Shortlisted by Paul Henry: 

The Unburdening by Peter Duff, Ireland

The isolation of the long distance runner, Carolyn King, Isle of Wight

The Mission by Peter Duff, Ireland

Caesium lioness by Chris Scriven, Weymouth


 'SPIRIT' -  adjudicator Paul Henry

Best poem overall inspired by the theme 'Spirit' 

winner (100 euro)‘Mardale Common’ by Erica Bell, Surrey



Stone Star  - What will survive of us... -The rituals of others - Lady Cooper Parvenue - The moon yawns and keeps yawning - Climate of Opinion - Hautdesert Terminus - Paris Blues: Global Warning - Au Moulin de la Galette - in our family house - Me, Tammy Wynette, Soren Kierkegaard, Karl Marx and Adele  – Balance - Special Delivery  - Without words - A fishy thing the soul  - Of fire and water - Instead, think of this - Rower, Battersea Lake - In Loudhams Wood - Dead in the water - At the Chapel of Apparitions -  Was that you?  - perhaps a manifestation of Buddha - Life in three bags – Revenant - Malus -  Meeting a monster in Anglesey - In the Flit of a Wing - The Isolation of the Long-Distance Runner -   Caesium Lioness - see you around - Meili Su - The Silver Cord - The Unburdening - The Mission - Green Flash - Vernal Equinox – Responsibility - Chocolate Waltz  - Cornering the French Horn -  Unknown Young man with a background of flame –Fava leaves  -  Killing Inside the Wall  -  This winter  - Evening  - Muscovy Ducks - Mardale Common - When the trees were still dangerous     

Adjudicators: Paul Henry - Kevin Bailey - Gary Bills

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