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Silver Wyvern open category

Winner: ‘Collecting Light inside the Karnak Temple’

by Jane Lovell (Sutton Valence)

2nd: ‘Ilaria Triptych’ by Sharon Ashton (Shrewsbury)


Shortlisted for the Wyvern (in no particular order)

Candida Elton (Arisaig) - Aileen Ballantyne (Edinburgh) -  Caroline Carver  (Falmouth) - Greg Quiery (Liverpool) - Victoria Field (Canterbury)


Highly Commended (in no particular order)


Hélène Demetriades (Dartington) - Greg Quiery (Liverpool) - Christopher North (Spain) - Carole Bromley (York) - Alun Robert (Rochester) - Susan Castillo (London) - Mike Farren (Bradford)


Formal poems category


Winner:  Pipework (pantoum) A.C. Clarke, Scotland


Shortlisted (in no particular order)


Anne Ballard, Edinburgh - Raffaella Ticozzi - Stevie Krayer, Wales – Christopher North, Spain - Anne Stewart, Kent – Brian Kirk, Ireland -– Carole Bromley, York - Terence Culleton, Langhorne, USA - Beverly Hughes (Cardiff) - Clint Wastling - Kate Young, Kent - Fran Reader, Suffolk - Diana Cant, Kent


Short poems category


Winner: Scott Elder (France)


Shortlisted (in no particular order)


Michael Swan, Oxford (two poems) - Brian Clark, York - Bridget Frost, Limekilns, Scotland - Christopher North (Spain) 

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