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3 categories:

Silver Wyvern

Short poems - Formal verse            



Silver Wyvern: Plaque with pure silver dragon + €500

2nd: €200; 3rd €100 - Formal & Short: €100 each.

Winners present at the Awards also receive an object of design by Alessi




  1. Poems must be in English.

  2. The author must be over 16 years old on 1st January 2022

  3. Entrants may be from any country

  1. No identification of author on the poems

  2. Author contact details, poem title/s to be in body of email

  3. Poem(s) to be attached in .doc; .docx ; rtf; (NOT pdf), preferably all in one document.

  4. Each poem should be marked top right with the category in which it is entered (SW or FORMAL or SHORT).

  5. Three categories: Silver Wyvern (open to all forms, maximum 42 lines); Formal (traditional verse forms, maximum 42 lines); Short (any form not  exceeding 10 lines, title excluded)

  6. Poems should not have been published in print or online, nor have won a prize  previously.

  7. Poems for Silver Wyvern on 2022 theme ‘SERENDIPITY’ (interpret freely) 

  8. Reading fee sterling:  £6 per poem. 4 poems £22, the £5 per poem

  9. Reading fee euro: €7 per poem. 4 poems £25, then €6 per poem.

  10. US $ 10 per poem 4 poems $32, then $9

  11. Pay Paypal in euros by clicking yellow Donate button on website. To pay in sterling/dollars, don't click on above button but 1- if you have a Paypal account, sign in and make 'send payment' to our yahoo email address below 2- if you have no paypal account, contact us at our yahoo email for bank transfer or for payment with UK cheque.

  12. Send entries to . enquiries: poetryonthelake   at (close gaps)

  13. Results on  August/September Winners will be contacted earlier.


N.B. Silver Wyvern category, theme ‘Serendipity’, embraces all poetic forms providing they do not exceed 42 lines (title, notes, dedication excluded): free verse, traditional or formal verse, short poems - anything goes!)

Formal category, open theme: max 42 lines for traditional verse forms: sonnets, sestinas, ballads, haiku (up to five haiku on one page count as one entry) villanelles etc. NOT free verse, and just dividing a free verse poem into couplets without a rhyming or metrical scheme doesn't make for  a Formal poem, just as a poem of 14 lines not following a traditional metre and rhyme scheme isn't a formal sonnet.

Short category, open theme: max 10 lines.

The same poem may be entered in more than one category but will count each time as a separate entry. A competitor may win 2 or 3 prizes, each in a different category, but no more than one prize in a single category,


Possible publication for winning and selected poems (however, we contact all authors  first, although entry to the competition implies automatic permission to publish).

Copyright remains with the author. The judges' decision is final.

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