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Poetry on the Lake


Mark entry with category
e.g FORMAL - F         or        FORMAL + SPIRIT =  FSP
SILVER WYVERN open category:  SW  or    SW + SPIRIT = SW-SP
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Entries & Fees: please note the suggested fees below. All fees are donations to the competition costs, organisation and events of Poetry on the Lake. However, if you genuinely can't afford the fee, just send what you can or send one poem with free entry (Those who can, please donate generously.)
: early bird fee (enter before 31st December): suggested 
£ 5 or  10  a poem postal entries. Add £1 or 2 if sending online

Postal entries suggested fees:

UK: £10 first poem; further poems £6 each. UK cheques/BPOs only, payable to 
G. Griffin-Hall.  
Send two copies of each poem, one anonymous, the other with contact details on back, to 

Poetry on the Lake - 28016 Isola San Giulio NO - Italy

    Online entries: UK/ROW

suggested £ 10 or € 15 or $ 15 first poem; further poems £8/€ 10/$12 each. Pay Paypal*, note transaction ID, copy in body of email with all contact details, subject of email 'Comp entry 2019' .
Attach file/s with all poems preferably in one Word, .doc or .docx file (NOT pdf) named:  

YOUR NAME COMP 2019, send to 
poetryonthelake   @  yahoo.co.uk  (close gaps)

*Paypal: calculate total amount for entries then pay Paypal 
(you don't have to have a Paypal account, Paypal accept credit cards)    account:


Usual competition rules apply:  
Poems must not have been printed or published (including on internet magazines but on a personal or friend's blog with restricted access, that's ok), nor have won a previous prize.
Entrants must be over 16 years old on 1st January 2018.

N.B. SILVER WYVERN  (open) category embraces all forms of poems providing they do not exceed 42 lines (title/dedications/notes excluded); free verse, traditional or formal verse, short poems - anything goes!

FORMAL: all traditional poetic forms not exceeding 42 lines (title excluded)

Entering the competition you automatically agree to allow Poetry on the Lake to publish on internet and/or in print placed and  winning entries.  However, we will ask you first for permission.

'Spirit' themed poems may be entered in either or both categories. The theme may be interpreted as wished.

The judges' decision is final.  

Do not send SAE. We will contact winners June (or July at latest) and they will be on website. 
The same poem may be entered in two or more categories but will count each time as a separate entry. A competitor may win 2 or 3 prizes, each in a different category, but no more than one prize in a single category,
Results on website June/July at latest, winners contacted earlier
Possible publication for winning and selected poems (we try to contact all authors first, although entry to the competition implies automatic permission to publish). Copyright remains with the author.