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Poetry on the Lake

Poets & Links

It was with great sadness that we learned of the death  of John Hartley Williams, a fine poet and a good friend of Poetry on the Lake. 

Cornwall Contemporary Poetry Festival,
see: http://cornwallcontemporary.wordpress.com

HQ Poetry Magazine,
edited by Kevin Bailey

Orbis poetry journal      www.orbisjournal.com/

poets' website   www.poetrypf.org.uk  

good listings at





Will Stone's versions of poems by Wmile Verhaeren, published by Arc

John Hartley Williams (and see below) and Matthew Sweeney's latest is called 'Death Comes For The Poets' - a satirical comedy whodunnit set in the poetry world. To date in private communication they've received plaudits from Seamus Heaney and Wendy Cope among others. It's published by The Muswell Press. (Available thru Amazon etc.)

Mandy Pannett's collection of poems “All the Invisibles" is now available from



Robert Morley: The Gift of Honey published by by Indigo Dreams  www.indigodreams.co.uk
"The Gift of Honey is a true curiosity ....unusual enough to become a minor cult."    Philip Gross

Alessio Zanelli's latest collection Over Misty Plains
has been published by Indigo Dreams. 

John Hartley Williams


Shoestring Press (£ 9) 
A colourful collection of poems by Thelma Laycock
A Persistence of Colour    (Indigo Dreams, £5.99)

"A debut collection of power and beauty distinguished by rich and consistent insights"
Penelope Shuttle

organised by Mira Mehta

"It is said that poetry consists exclusively of delight and is delectable with mood. Poetrypoetics, run by Mira Mehta, approaches poetry through poetry theory to uncover the subtleties of artistic language."

'Behind the Lines'
the latest collection of poems by Chris Considine
available from Cinnamon Press

Alison Hill
 is Poet in Residence at Kingston Libraries and runs Rhythm & Muse, a monthly poetry and music night at the Ram Jam Club in Kingston. R&M features guest poets and musicians and open mic spots - new voices always welcome -

Alison organised the first Rhythm & Muse Festival in association with Kingston Writing School in October 2011, featuring: Roger McGough and LiTTLe MACHiNe at the Ram Jam Club, Poetry Breakout at the first poetry festival tent at Kingston University.

Weddings, Events & Holidays
Getting married near the lake? Or just want a high quality record of your stay.


Shantalah Weddings: video professionals to record all your events 


Author available for readings & book-signings
Contact: morley (at) libero.it